"Lady Maggie's Lilt"
Music from C17th Scotland.
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"Intimations of mortality whisper through the music of 'Lady Maggie's Lilt'..... it's a beautiful, often joyful collection which alternates between Scottish and French suites of songs and dances by the likes of Jacques Gaultier, René Mesangeau and Anon. Eastwell is a fine lutenist with an expansive imagination and much of the music is enlivened by his own improvised preludes and ornaments."
The Gramophone, September 2013

"Martin Eastwell is a thoughtful unfussy guide, and the intimacy of his playing is captured in a recording that leaves the listener feeling like a favoured eavesdropper."

Performance  ★★★★
Recording      ★★★★
BBC Music Magazine, July 2013

"This charming collection.....played beautifully by Martin Eastwell on a wonderful sounding 12 course lute....a fascinating insight into the musical tastes that surrounded the Scottish court at the time... a wonderfully soothing antidote to modern living."
The Epoch Times, March 2013

"...attractive, often deeply moving music that is beautifully played."
Music Web International

"...... a mesmerising lutenist who brings out every little nuance and detail from these often elusive works....a must for all enthusiasts of the lute."
The Classical Reviewer

The Corbie and the Pigot-Wemyss Lute Book

Faire and Loucky

Almand - Rene Mesangeau (c.1575-1630)

Pavana-Robert Johnson (c.1583-1633)

La Jeune Fillette - Daniel Batcheler (1573-1619)

John Dowland (1563-1626) - Galliard upon a Galliard of Daniel Batchelar

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