Martin performs a range of programmes around particular themes. Here are a few examples:

The Royal Lute
A musical journey throught the royal courts of Europe, from Cordoba in the 9th Century, to the court of the "Sun King", Louis XIV. Includes works by some of the instrument's greatest masters, including Francesco da Milano, John Dowland, and Sylvius Leopold Weiss.
Lady Maggie's Lilt
Lady Margaret Wemyss (1630-1649) wrote her lute book as a teenager in the war-torn Scotland of the 1640's, and it give a unique insight into a lost musical world, containing exquisite traditional Scots tunes, as well as sophisticated lute music from the French and English courts.This programme also contains a varied selection from other Scottish and English lute books of the period, as well as delightful Baroque guitar music from the Restoration court.
The Golden Age of English Lute Music
The period from 1570 to 1630 is often called the Golden Age of the instrument, a period when the music of great English lutenist composers became known throughout Europe. Featuring music by John Dowland, Anthony Holborne, and Daniel Batchelar, together with English and Continental music from the lute book of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury.
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