Some Useful Links

The Lute Society - The home page of the English Lute Society. Regular meetings in London, courses in the UK, and a superb and rapidly expanding range of publications. The website is a mine of useful information and contacts.

The Lute Society of America - Another vital source of information, publications and enthusiasm. Regular courses on East and West coast.

Malcolm Prior - Lutemaker, based near Norwich.

Sarge Gerbode - A selfless American lute enthusiast who maintains an amazing online archive of downloadable lute tablature in a variety of formats.

Francesco Triboli - The creator of Fronimo an amazing and versatile programme for editing and typsetting lute tablature. It also does very impressive staff notation.

NORVIS - A long established UK early music Summer School which take place annually in the historic city Durham There is a very active lute class, with the teaching shared between myself and Stewart McCoy and limitless opportunities to play with singers and other instrumentalists. Here is a link to a review of the 2008 course on the Lute Society website.

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